Vodafone Interactive Cube


Client: Vodafone, Portugal

The playful four-meter cube is installed on the surface of a shallow lake at the entrance to Vodaphone's Lisbon headquarters and serves as an interactive expression of the Vodaphone brand. Different facets of the cube offer art, reading and games that can be played using the visitors' mobile phone or via custom-designed input devices.

  • The Interactive Cube is an innovative solution to the quest for mobile phone uses that go beyond person-to-person voice communication.

"Beautifully integrated into its setting, this is an elegantly playful way to convey a corporate image. Using their own technology for visitors to interact with the cube is a subtly brilliant feat that works on so many levels of communication." - Christine Lüdeke, IDSA, Industrial Designer, ludekedesign

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Credit: IDEO; BCA, United Kingdom; and Y-Dreams, Portugal