Visionary City for UIA (International Union of Architects) 2017 Seoul


Visionary City for UIA served as a pavilion for SAMOO Architects & Engineers during the International Union of Architects’ forum held in Seoul in 2017. The pavilion narrated the 40-year history of SAMOO Architects & Engineers in an Inception-like city-scale model mounted on an unfolding wall. With the development of display technology, many recent architecture exhibitions and pavilions have adopted digital methods to present their works. SAMOO Architects & Engineers aimed to delivered a more perceptive and user-interactive experience. Visionary City is composed of actual projects designed and built by the firm worldwide carefully collaged together on an imaginary nonlinear city. Within its enclosing form, audiences were able to walk around and interact with the city in person. The pavilion was designed to represent an infinite, ever-growing city, provoking new synergies between buildings and cities, expanding its vision beyond past and present into the future.

Designed by: SAMOO Architects & Engineers

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