Vision Park


Vision Park is a support area in the entrance of an ophthalmic hospital intended for people with visual impairments. A series of steps divide the space and house areas where various activities can be safely enjoyed. Each area has information related to multiple fields such as medical care, welfare, education and hobbies. In addition, Vision Park offers a variety of ways to spend time, from benches and a kitchen to a bouldering wall, each a trigger to regain what was lost in daily life due to visual impairment.

Designed by: Kentaro Yamazaki of YAMAZAKI KENTARO DESIGN WORKSHOP Co.,Ltd., Taiji Fujimori of TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER inc., Yoshitaka Haba of BACH, Sakie Uragami of IDE SOUND INSTITUTE & Shiho Shibaie of NIHON SEKKEI

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