Type.bmp II : LG U+ Installation


Type.bmp II is a typography installation piece made of hot-glue sticks that sits in the lobby of the new LG U+ building in Korea. The inspiration arose from a discussion about the common cliché of the use of rasterized and low-resolution type in kitsch graphic ephemera. Rather than denounce it, the team decided to use it as a springboard to explore and provoke questions.

Credits: Yongseuk Lee, Jaewan Choi, Jeho Kim, Hyunsoo Lim, Visakh Menon, Jason Okutake, Eunjoo Lee, and EunYoung Kim of Adhesive Art&Design (South Korea) and Hyesun You, Seungwoo Lee, Gyukwang Hwang of Paper Plan (South Korea)

Contact: Youngseuk Lee: yongseuk1978@hotmail.com