THINK is a high-performance desk chair that targets consumers who want high value and performance at mid-market pricing levels. Research found that most users rarely bother adjusting the complex controls found on most task chairs and that work surfaces often conflict with chair arms forcing users into poorly supported postures. The THINK chair “thinks” for you. It automatically adjusts the tension of the back support and moves fluidly with your body, providing support in proportion to your body weight. The chair can also support an optional headrest and adjustable lumbar support. In addition to conventional adjustments for height and pivot, the arms can retract front to back bringing workers closer to their work. THINK’s appearance is clean and contemporary, and its functionality, approachable and intuitive.

“With this chair, there is more focus on function than features. The upholstery speaks of expected comfort, the back speaks of expected support. It is a more dignified citizen in the office landscape.”
--Carl Magnusson, IDSA, founder, Carl Gustav Magnusson Design

Contact: Bruce Smith
Steelcase Inc.

Credit: Glen Oliver Loew Industrial Design (Germany) and Steelcase Inc.