Team America: World Police


Client: South Park Offices

The design team spearheaded the creation of the unique and unexpected visual language for the movie Team America: World Police. The clever combinations of simultaneously subversive and ironic details drove the set design to new, humorous heights. Designers also played with design conventions and scale, such as simplified views of cities and settings. For instance, topiaries groomed into poodles and croissants line the streets of Paris, where the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Opera and Arc de Triumph all coexist in one reductive environment. With a distant skyline consisting only of pyramids and minarets, Cairo is based on a stereotype of the Middle Eastern marketplace with tents, peddlers, street vendors and camels, with a terrorist's bar thrown into the mix. Handcrafted sets instead of computer generated images give this film a distinct, unique personality and attracted audiences who were interested in a different kind of movie experience-one that breaks from the computer generated sets that have become standard in many action movies.

Contact: Sheela Pawar,
Rockwell Group, USA,

Credit: Rockwell Group