SignalOne Safety Vocal Smoke Detector (VSD)


The SignalOneSafety Vocal Smoke Detector uses a parent’s recorded voice to wake children in case of a fire and provide them with evacuation instructions. The VSD is effective in waking nearly twice as many sleeping children as traditional smoke alarms. The device’s interface makes it easy for parents to record the voice alarm message through a combination of written directions and step-by-step verbal prompts. Other features include an adjustable ceiling mount ring that allows the speaker to be pointed directly at the child's bed from anywhere in the room. Installation and battery replacement are easy, and the design’s soft forms and low profile blend into a child’s room yet it still looks professional and trustworthy. The VSD, the company’s first product, has achieved mass distribution through major retail channels and received widespread publicity.

“…a highly commendable example of collaboration between academia and industry, resulting in a critically important product idea and a beautifully designed object.”
--Aura Oslapas, IDSA, principal, A+O Design Methods

Contact: Lauren Brenneman, IDSA

Credit: Bresslergroup and SignalOne Safety f/k/a Kidsmart