Shure E4 Sound Isolation Earphones


The E4 earphones grew out of the realization that Shure’s unique sound isolation technology used by the professional audio industry was a perfect crossover for the rapidly expanding portable media devices market. The simple cylindrical form, size and cable exit angle of the E4 earphones allow them to be positioned at an ideal ergonomic angle for comfort and acoustic performance, which has received a high customer satisfaction rating. The clean geometric forms and combination of finishes and materials also establish a simple yet sophisticated technological language. To ensure broad appeal, the earphones are offered in two core color palates: light tones that complement several popular consumer audio products and a dark glossy palette that aligns with both consumers and professionals. The earphones have won industry accolades and have exceeded Shure’s sales expectations.

Contact: Tammy Newman
Essential Inc.

Credit: Essential Inc. and Shure Inc.