Ship of Ideas - Frankfurt Museum Bank Festival 2003


Client: Tourismus + Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The most innovative image at the Frankfurt Museum Bank Festival was this floating media and light sculpture-a pontoon carrying a cuboid of screens and LEDs lit by light and media projections. With only a small budget plus inspiration, the designers achieved their goal of increasing public awareness of the city's urban museums. Local and national press published the breathtaking images of the Ship of Ideas projecting video sequences of the 16 museums along the Main riverbank.

  • Animations designed specifically for each museum contain film sequences, graphic design elements, typography, photography and light.

"This is an exciting symbiosis of function and place specific interaction, using Frankfurt's defining natural element-the river Main-to dynamically extend the museum to the outside. ' Drawing' images from each museum as it passes by, the ship takes the relationship between museums and their cities to a new and poetically creative level." - Christine Lüdeke, IDSA, Industrial Designer, ludekedesign

Contact: Angela Kratz,
Atelier Markgraph GmbH, Germany

Credit: Atelier Markgraph GmbH, Germany