Rubbermaid 9s07 Folding Safety Cone (a.k.a. Mr. Twister)


The 9s09 Folding Safety Cone is a four-sided, free-standing pop-up caution sign that deploys automatically. It offers many design innovations over its competitors. For storing, the cone easily twists into a small protective case. Because of its minimal storage space requirements, the cone can be more quickly and easily deployed. Since its graphical area is considerably larger than traditional two-sided plastic safety cones, its warning capabilities are enhanced. Even when knocked over, the cone remains open and functional. Also, its steel wire frame and nylon composition means injuries are reduced if a person falls on the cone. From a business perspective, the folding safety cone is more cost effective to manufacture than the company's previous floor signs.

"Pop-up tent as safety sign. Convenient to deploy and compact to store." -Michael McCoy, IDSA, Partner, McCoy & McCoy

Contact: Owen Slater, IDSA,
Rubbermaid Commercial Products, USA,
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Credit: Rubbermaid Commercial Products