Rose Center for Earth and Space


Client: American Museum of Natural History

Making the cosmos more down to earth was the aim of this 23,000 square foot exhibit that created a Hall of Planet Earth and Hall of the Universe at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. The design team worked with architects, scientists and educators to create a project that takes visitors on journeys through time, size, formation and evolution. The space is also designed to serve a welcoming and gathering function.

"This exhibit extends the architecture of the planetarium, creating a hierarchy of spaces and experiences that succeed in the way they creatively manage information. The galleries present visitors with an enormous range of concepts, from the small and intimate to the frighteningly galactic, and put them in a new and understandable perspective." -Peter Kuttner, Cambridge Seven Associates

Contact: Cheryl Filsinger,
Ralph Appelbaum Assoc.,

Designers: Ralph Appelbaum Associates