Reinventing the Globe: A Shakespearean Theater for the 21st Century


The Transparent Theater is a design concept submitted to the National Building Museum's "Reinventing the Globe" exhibition. It caters to technologically-savvy audiences who demand an immediate, immersive experience; an experience which will also serve to make Shakespeare's work accessible. The structure has three tiers, with an open lower level so spectators can flow freely into the pit in front of the stage. They can also migrate to the exterior balcony to watch the overall festival. The theater itself can be assembled on any flat, open surface, with low environmental impact.

"Designed to spark new interest in fusty old Shakespeare, this project succeeds by performing interpretation on many levels. Playing with reality by using an intricate, crystalline scale model and lighting simulation, the designers have asked what the Globe Theater might look like today if built as an awesome public venue."

Barbara Flanagan, Freelance Journalist / Product Designer, Flanagan LLC

Contact: Sheela Pawar: Credit:Rockwell Group Client:National Building Museum