Refrigerator NR-P550T


Market research found that typical refrigerators were not efficient in storing the increasing volume and variety of small food and beverage containers popular with today’s consumer. Thus the NR-P550T Refrigerator was born. Its two-way fully accessible slide-out pantry system makes storing and accessing bottles and other small items easier and more efficient. In addition, the crispers and freezer chambers can be fully pulled out so items at the back will no longer be forgotten. Transparent partitions also enhance visibility of items inside the compartment. The stainless steel look matches other appliances in the contemporary kitchen. And to simplify the profile of a refrigerator with six doors, the resin cap lines between the upper and lower resin doors were eliminated for a neater appearance.

Contact: Tomomi Masuda
Panasonic Design Company

Credit: Panasonic Design Company (Japan)

Client: Panasonic (Japan)