Oval Light Dispenser Flashlight


The Oval Light Dispenser is a flashlight designed for people who run, hike and/or walk at night. Gripping a standard flashlight for a lengthy period can be fatiguing. Therefore, designers improved the weight distribution by placing the batteries directly below the user’s hand rather than in the handle. Plus, its soft contoured handle allows users to hold the flashlight in a natural, comfortable position. By placing the on/off switch next to the thumb rest, operation is easy and intuitive, even for those wearing gloves or who have arthritis. The design also eliminates the need to rotate the light near and far by providing both a forward-facing, narrow-angle beam that illuminates the terrain in the distance and a downward-facing, wide-angle beam to light the immediate vicinity.

Contact: Steve Mattheis
Gelb Design, FLLC

Credit: Gelb Design, FLLC