Nike Flyknit Collective - Feather Pavilion


Nike Flyknit technology changes the way performance footwear is designed, produced and worn. It enables the knitted portion of the upper to be created out of precisely engineered yarns, reducing waste created in manufacturing. Nike Flyknit technology is based upon the core benefits of performance, lightness, formfitting and sustainability.

The same characteristics can be applied to other fields of innovation and creativity—a different kind of performance. With this connection in mind, Nike formed the Nike Flyknit Collective: a platform for creative innovators worldwide from all different disciplines to generate dialogue around and interact with these fundamental principles.

The objectives of the Nike Flyknit Collective are: create opportunities for Nike innovators and guest creative leaders to engage with local creative young people in different cities around the world; bring together innovators across different disciplines and cultures and ask them to bring the benefits of Nike Flyknit to life in their own creative fields; create opportunities for sports and creativity to come together to inspire people and communities; and create meaningful dialogue within local communities. Each creative Nike Flyknit expression will leave a legacy for the creative community.

The Feather Pavilion was unveiled at the Nike+ Festival of Sport in Shanghai. It was designed by Arthur Huang, a Taipei-based engineer, architect, entrepreneur and pioneer in sustainable thinking. His interpretation of Nike Flyknit's fundamental principles of performance, lightness, formfitting and sustainability resulted in an architectural installation that showcases every benefit of Nike Flyknit in an interactive, innovative way, drawing its inspiration from nature's own masterpiece: the feather.

Performance is represented through every element of the Feather Pavilion. The first step onto the pavilion platform creates a sensory action elsewhere in the structure. Kinetic energy changes the look and the actual architectural form of the pavilion; it adjusts with the addition of each occupant—transformation through pure physics. Sounds are emitted and light and video are transmitted both internally and externally throughout the walls and floors, resulting in a sense of technical and musical harmony. Lightness imbues every element of the Feather Pavilion experience.

Sustainability is the essence of the entire structure—turning trash into something awe inspiring. The Feather Pavilion is made entirely from recycled TPU; each POLLI-Brick interlocks to create a resilient structure. To add further 100 percent organic reinforcement, recycled rice husks continue this design's merger of tradition and the future of creativity.

At the Nike+ Festival of Sport, Nike hosted Nike Flyknit workshops, which were led by Nike designers, Huang and other leading innovators of Greater China. The ultimate goal was to inspire future generations of creative leaders in China. About 100 young people were selected from across China and flown in to participate in a weeklong series of creative workshops, pushing the limits of sports and creativity. Following Shanghai, the pavilion was installed for Beijing Design Week to further engage the conversation around sustainability in Greater China. As of September 2012, the Feather Pavilion was permanently installed in Beijing.


Designed by Nike Inc. and Arthur Huang of Miniwiz

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