NAVER Hangeul Campaign: Hangeul Signboards

Featured Finalist

By sharing signboards written in Hangeul (Korean letters) with small stores, NAVER aims to preserve the precious streetscape that is disappearing. Korea's leading portal NAVER offers users an abundance of information written in Hangeul. NAVER's Hangeul Campaign has been held every year since 2008 to promote the importance of Hangeul and to ensure that Hangeul information can be read and written more easily. This special Hangeul signboard project held in 2014, for a second year, gave small business owners a Hangeul signboard designed with NAVER fonts to allow people to experience NAVER's Hangeul Campaign in their everyday lives. To deliver the beauty of Hangeul to more people, NAVER not only gave signboards to selected stores 

Designed by: Marketer Na Eun-bin, Lee Hyo-jung, Bu bo-kyung, Lee Su-ji, Lee Sang-beom - BX Designer Jang Tae-kyung, Kwak Mine, Yang Seung-duck, Kim Il-tae, Yu Bo-ram, Ha Se-Lin, Kim in-yop -ISO Designer Lee Sang-min, Lee Seon-jae, Kim Seung-bock, Choi Yang-jin, Lee Dong-hun, Cheon Min-jung, Jung Jae-eun, Song Cheol-wook, Choi yeong-eun, Kim Jin-su of NAVER Corp.