Museum of Literature Ireland


Situated on St Stephen’s Green in University College Dublin’s historic Newman House, the new Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) opened to the public in September 2019. The product of a groundbreaking partnership between University College Dublin and the National Library of Ireland, MoLI is Ireland’s first literature museum and the first museum globally dedicated to the Irish literary tradition. The new museum celebrates Irish language and literature, providing a sweeping overview of the country’s literary tradition and exploring how such a small island has produced so many of the world’s literary giants. Globally significant artifacts, such as the first copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses, are displayed alongside innovative media installations that bring the sights and sounds of Ireland and Irish literature to life, from the windswept hills and oral traditions of the Irish countryside to the dirty streets of Dublin and contemporary Irish slang.

Designed by: Phillip Tefft, Mirko Cerami, Helen Schulte, James Ward and Sinead Foley of Ralph Appelbaum Associates for the National Library of Ireland and University College Dublin

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