Motorola and Burton Audex Jacket Series


In the latest fusion of technology and lifestyle, Burton active wear integrates Motorola communications and Bluetooth wireless technology for the ultimate in hands-free mobility for snow sports enthusiasts. The jackets feature integrated stereo speakers in the hood, a microphone and battery compartment embedded in an inside pocket and a control panel on the sleeve that allows remote operation of a phone and iPod. There is also a headset jack on the chest for more private interactions. The large buttons on the control panel provide tactile feedback for easy operation while wearing gloves, and one-touch voice dialing and iPod controls make it even easier to operate the devices while moving down the slopes. Cleaning the jacket is easy, too. Just remove the embedded electronics and wash.

Contact: Ilana Shenitzer
Hill and Knowlton

Credit: Mobile Device Business, Motorola

Client: Motorola