Little Wing


This innovative high-end sea kayak deftly balances the disparate needs of both beginner and advanced kayakers. Its name is derived from the flares or “little wings” at the fore and aft of the hull that incrementally provide stability as speed increases. Other features provide greater performance and buoyancy, reduced pitching, easier self-rescue and twice the amount of storage volume than similar-sized kayaks. Its light weight (32 pounds) also eases lifting on and off a vehicle and heightens maneuverability. Its smooth flowing curves and modern sleek appearance visually set the Little Wing apart from other kayaks. Available in customizable colors, the high quality, spray-painted finish adds a depth and reflection that highlight its lines.

"Little Wing exemplifies the value and benefit of industrial design. With a deep understanding of the needs of kayakers, it is sculpted to provide speed when traversing expanses of lake or sea, while also providing the stability required to maintain that speed in rough conditions."
--Chris Conley, IDSA, co-founder and director, Gravity Tank

Contact: Zac Warren
Warren Light Craft, LLC

Credit: Warren Light Craft LLC