Leviton Acenti


The Acenti line of lighting controls includes the industry's first triplex outlet, the first screwless metal wallplate and the first alignment plate mounting system, which ensures perfect alignment of all components. The design is minimalist and intuitive. Switches use a return-to-neutral actuation instead of an up or down orientation, remaining aligned whether they are on or off. This feature is especially appealing in multigang installations where traditional devices are apt to be in any number of positions making the on-off position difficult to ascertain. Acenti's unique contour profile allows the wallplate to blend into the wall's surface for a clean, streamlined appearance. Soothing blue LEDs create a consistent interface for load status, as well as a signature detail.

Contact: Scott Underwood,

Credit: IDEO; Leviton.

Web: http://www.leviton.com/acenti