Kenzo Ryoko


Wanting to expand its line of high-end fragrances, Ryoko sought to appeal to the traveler. Designers faced the challenge of translating the company’s existing range of perfumes into a line of small travel-size bottles that could be easily and cheaply manufactured. Ryoko, the unique pebble-shaped polypropylene design that resulted, is engagingly tactile and friendly. Smooth as silk, it can be slipped into a pocket or nestled in the palm of the hand like a caress. The spray button is comfortably located at the user’s index finger for easy application. Each fragrance (flower, summer, air, l’eau par Kenzo or Kenzo pour homme) is easily identified by the color of its pebble. And because of its soft plastic form rather than the typical glass bottle, Ryoko is perfect for its intended use as a travel perfume. Each bottle is precious without being fragile.

Contact: Jessica Pearson
Karim Rashid Inc.

Credit: Karim Rashid Inc.

Client: KENZO Parfums SA (France)