K2 Moxie Snow Helmet


The Moxie is a protective snow sports helmet specifically designed for women. Though packed with features that provide protection, comfort, and even audio entertainment and communication, the Moxie still achieves an elegant look that appeals to women. This is largely due to a design strategy that both conceals technical features (such as adjustable venting and the audio system) beneath the helmet’s exterior and integrates fit features into the helmet’s form (such as the ponytail port and goggle posts). The helmet’s restrained sculpting creates a feeling of speed and minimizes its visual mass, while embroidery details on the ear liners and ethereal textural logos further enhance the sophisticated, feminine look. Despite the variety of features and elegant styling, the Moxie remains cost efficient to build. Current sales projections are up nearly 40 percent over initial forecasts.

Contact: Jonah Becker, IDSA
One & Co
415-621-6214 x231

Credit: One & Co, City Electric, and K2 Corporation

Client: K2 Corporation