JetBlue Self-service Check-in Kiosk


Client: JetBlue Airways Corp.

This custom-designed self-service check-in kiosk for JetBlue's passengers further sets this airline apart from competitors and the off-the-shelf kiosks they typically use. Both the look and feel of the kiosk communicate JetBlue's brand values, which are not about superficial frills but about providing customers with excellent quality achieved through design. The friendly, somewhat anthropomorphic expression of the kiosk exudes a nonthreatening and welcoming appearance. The clean layout and graphics, simple instructions and high contrast large-size type make it easy-to-use, increasing transaction speed and customer satisfaction. The design has helped the client increase customer throughput, crucial to the company's traffic growth of more than 32 percent over the previous year.

Contact: Sigi Moeslinger, IDSA,
Antenna Design New York Inc, USA,
212 2291106,

Credit: Antenna Design New York Inc.