ImageNet - Carrollton, Texas


Client: ImageNet Associates LLC

ImageNet's new facility is a high impact, visually exciting space for selling, servicing and warehousing copy machines that also strives to change customer perceptions about copy machines. The design solution has also changed people's preconceptions about warehouse space and remote office locations and transforms the limitations into assets. The customer is brought into an environment where the focus is on education and new uses of technology. The signature paper wall greets guests and communicates an immediate connection with the end product. The status quo and advantage exhibits compare old technology and state-of-the-art advances. Information that once required five pieces of equipment to organize and transmit now is accomplished with only one. The warehousing and servicing functions are visible to the customer, allowing all aspects of the company to be understood and openly presented. The space's many fun, cutting edge, educational and dramatic elements help the customers remember the product and the people. ImageNet has realized immediate benefits from the new space, including a 50 percent increase in sales in the first 60 days alone.

Contact: Rand Elliott,
Elliott + Associates Architects, USA,

Credit: Elliott + Associates Architects