Help Point Intercom



The Help Point Intercom is a custom information and emergency intercom system for New York City subway stations. Due to increased security concerns and in order to improve customer service, the client wanted to deploy a new intercom system that would provide live assistance for both emergency situations and transit information. The resulting design, with its calming blue light, is a beacon in the typically chaotic station environment. Its modular design allows it to be wall-mounted, column-mounted or freestanding in order to fit into various station setups. The ADA-compliant customer interface consists of a microphone, speaker, red emergency call button and green information call button. To further enhance security and discourage tampering, each device is also equipped with a built-in video camera.

Contact:Sigi Moeslinger, IDSA
Antenna Design New York Inc


Credit:Antenna Design New York Inc. and MTA/New York City Transit Team