DXL Protective Helmet


The DXL Ski and Snowboard Helmet reduces the confusion of choices facing consumers and optimizes shelf space for retailers by being able to fit to any shape or size head with only two sizes. (Most helmet lines require five different sizes.) DXL eschewed a traditional hard-shell fixed form in favor of a design with four interconnected plates that can be loosened and tightened through an adjustable cable-fastening system. This allows the helmet to wrap comfortably around the head to provide a proper and comfortable fit. Through innovative engineering and careful selection of materials, the DXL is 20-30 percent lighter than most on the market.

“Using adjustable plates on the interior, the DXL Helmet drives supply chain efficiency as well as ski and snowboard rider safety.”
--Chris Conley, IDSA, co-founder and director, Gravity Tank

Contact: Mark Elkins

Credit: fuseproject and Pulsium Engineering (France)

Client: Pryde Group (Hong Kong)