Dolby Cinema


Dolby Cinema—a new, branded, premium cinema offering co-created by Dolby’s in-house team and Eight Inc.—combines powerful new image and sound technologies, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, in a design created to revolutionize the cinematic experience. The revolutionary consumer journey of this new cinema experience was developed in order to provide the audience with a period of anticipation and transition before entering the immersive environment of the auditorium. The resulting integration of inspired design and the latest technology blurs the line between perception and reality; between story and audience. Every element comes together in Dolby Cinema to pull viewers more deeply into the story and transform their visit. They will expect a show and leave with a memory.

Designed by: Vince Voron, IDSA, Peter Michaelian, IDSA, and Donald Burlock, Jr. of Dolby Laboratories Inc.; and Wilhelm Oehl, Mark Little, Sara Lu and David Hermann of Eight Inc.