Clinton Presidential Center


Client: Clinton Presidential Center

The Clinton Presidential Center is a new model for Presidential libraries, serving as a public policy center, national archive and media-rich exhibition space. The library's design pays homage to the architecture and traditions of some of the world's great libraries. Its dramatic, vertical space punctuated by floor-to-ceiling piers was inspired by the library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. The piers contain boxes of original documents from the presidential archives and frame the 16 policy alcoves within which the history of the Clinton administration unfolds. The visitor's journey is anchored by two major spatial events that signify the beginning and end of the museum experience: the Cabinet Room and the Oval Office. A 120-foot timeline chronicling the eight years of the Clinton administration's work runs through the middle of the hall and serves as the historical and physical backbone to the exhibits. The exhibits' graphic design draws on journalistic standards by avoiding stylistic frills and utilizing bold typography and clear illustrations to present factual and statistical information.

"Information, knowledge and inspiration set in a frictionless experience with the same culture and spirit of the man the architecture was built to house. How refreshing it is to see a project which sincerely reflects the essence of an administration dedicated to innovation and progress built through the ideas of a simple and powerful environment." -Peter Arnell, IDSA, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Arnell Group

Contact: Cheryl Held,
Ralph Appelbaum Associates, USA,

Credit: Ralph Appelbaum Associates