California College of the Arts Graduate Center


Client: California College of the Arts

The California College of the Arts' new graduate center was the result of a dramatic transformation of a dilapidated 10,000-square-foot warehouse. Taking cues from the industrial character of the neighborhood and the requirement for an interior able to withstand student art studio use, all the building materials are tough and utilitarian. The existing concrete slab was left exposed, unfinished plywood wraps all the interior surfaces and corrugated cement siding covers the lower portion of the exterior facade. With the new polycarbonate clerestory that wraps the entire building, no artificial lighting is necessary during the day. In addition, the polycarbonate's insulating qualities permitted this large portion of the envelope to be glazed and still meet energy conservation requirements. Despite the fact that the existing building needed to be almost completely rebuilt, the design and construction were able to address the school's limited budget and compressed eight-month schedule.

Contact: Mark Jensen,
Jensen & Macy Architects, USA,

Credit: Jensen & Macy Architects