Bloomberg L.P. Corporate Headquarters


Client: Bloomberg L.P.

The design team created an impressive milieu of signage, environmental graphics and media installations that reinforce Bloomberg’s product and brand identity to all who enter its new headquarters. Wayfinding is coordinated by number. Different floors are marked with translucent color-coded resin numbers encased in glass, and a zip code-like scheme is used for identifying different areas of each floor. For the graphics, designers developed a font called Bloomberg, merging the letters of the font Avenir with the numerals of Avant Garde. Several dynamic, super-scale media installations display live content from Bloomberg’s own news and data feeds—a seamless blending where the architectural space becomes part of the company’s identity, and vice versa.

"An expressive energetic presentation of information as brand and environmental identity."
--Marcia Lausen, IDSA, principal, Studio/lab

Contact:Kurt Koepfle
Pentagram Design
(212) 683-7000

Credit:Pentagram Design