Belkin/Ameriwood Grommet Hub


Client: Belkin Corporation

This USB Hub integrates USB functionality and cord management into one space-efficient device for home-office computer desk systems. Designers faced the challenge of creating a solution that would work with the existing paradigm of desk construction, which they addressed by using the cord pass-through grommet typically found in decks. The clients (Ameriwood and Belkin) wanted a product that featured Belkin’s look and feel to leverage Belkin’s brand identity as the leading manufacturer of USB hubs. Color and finishes were selected to further indicate that this is no ordinary cord grommet but a piece of technology. The hub is securely mounted to the desk so inserting and removing USB devices requires only one hand. The easy-to-reach angle of the USB ports also increases accessibility. Suspending the hub in the middle of the circular desk grommet visually cues the user that cords may still be routed through the opening. First introduced at Office Depot, the device is exceeding initial sales forecasts, and retailers have been asking for additional technology solutions that can integrate into the grommet.

Contact:Ernesto Quinteros, IDSA
Belkin Corporation
323-469-1060 x210

Credit: Belkin IDG and Ameriwood Industries