Amtrak's AcelaTM Station Signage


Client: Amtrak/National Railroad Passenger Corp.

Amtrak's AcelaTM high-speed train will redefine rail service in the U.S. and its sleek signage reinforces this bold statement. Instead of relying on a logo for recognition, the "airfoil" shape of the back-to-back curved panels evokes an overall effect of speed and aerodynamics that creates a singular statement of three-dimensional form. The signs fulfill the passenger's need for orientation and schedule information and link these services directly to the brand.

"The distinctive but understated sculptural forms of the AcelaTM signage program present information to travelers with effective branding consistency. The stylistic forms will be quickly identified and easily read by the distracted traveler and will be aesthetically appropriate in the diverse architectural environments the program will occupy. This very effective signage couples the progressiveness of the AcelaTM program with reliable consistency that travelers hope for." -Merry Riehm, IDSA, ProductLogic

Contact: David Vanden-Eynden,
Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Design Consultants,

Designers: Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Design Consultants and Wallace Roberts & Todd