Accessible Wayfinding System - Charles de Gaulle Airport


Client: Aéroports de Paris

To help direct reduced mobility passengers to designated areas, the information table is located at the point of customer drop off with a "you-are-here" tactile map blasted on a slanted sheet of glass. Accessible paths are colored yellow. Braille and audio handrails are installed at four key locations along the path. Slightly raised bright yellow dots mounted on the floor delineate the path that can be followed visually or by foot and make a sound if tapped with a cane. These components can be easily integrated into the architectural design of new constructions or easily retrofitted into existing facilities. By directing reduced mobility passengers to a specific point within the terminal, the system eliminates the need for individual assistance at the curb, greatly reducing costs without compromising traveler safety.

Contact: Coco Raynes,
Coco Raynes Assoc.,
Inc., 617.536.1499

Credit: Coco Raynes Assoc., Inc.