"50 Years of TV and More"


Client: Globo Media Corp. c/o Magnetoscopio, PV Com Ltd., Brazil

The Oscar Niemeyer building that was retrofitted to house this 90,000 square foot exhibit couldn't be more suitable to examine the Brazilian relationship with television over the past 50 years. Designers seamlessly melded the subject of the media with the exhibition design and the existing architecture. Visitors enter through a corridor of glass panels treated to resemble giant TV color bars and Niemeyer "portholes" contain media projections of over 30 satellite broadcasts from around the world.

"This wonderful design effortlessly integrated a 50- year- old idiosyncratic modern building with a 21st century immersive technological experience. Each of the galleries enchant as they explore both the medium of TV and the building itself. The jury suspects that the exhibits might provide a more sublime experience than the media they celebrate." -Peter Kuttner, Cambridge Seven Associates

Contact: Cheryl Filsinger,
Ralph Appelbaum Assoc.,

Designers: Ralph Appelbaum Associates