iPod touch

The second-generation iPod touch features a thin stainless steel casing that wraps around the body. Smaller and lighter than the original, this iPod touch includes a 3.5-inch widescreen display, an integrated volume control, a built-in speaker, Wi-Fi and Apple’s multi-touch user interface.

Contact: Amy Olofsen: amyo@apple.com Credit: Apple Industrial Design Team of Apple, Inc. Client:

iPod nano

The iPod nano gives users up to 24 hours of music playback or four hours of video playback. Available in nine colors and in 8GB and 16GB models, the iPod nano works seamlessly with iTunes so you can import, manage and auto-sync your favorite content.

Contact: Amy Olofsen: amyo@apple.com Credit: Apple Industrial Design Team of Apple, Inc. Client:

Domino USB Memory Stick

Part memory stick, part fashion statement (it's available in nine different colors), Domino slides open for simple access and great usability.

Contact: Angela Kim: angela.kim@iriver.com Credit: YeongKyu Yoo, SeMin Jun and DoWon Kim of IRIVER Ltd. (South Korea) Client: IRIVER Ltd. (South Korea)

ASTRO Gaming A40 Audio System

The A40 Audio System is a premium audio system for professional video gamers. The system plugs into Xbox consoles to combine game sounds with voice communications. In tournaments, the A40 creates team networks, and at home it helps players train with their teammates online.

Contact: Brett Lovelady, IDSA: info@astrostudios.com Credit: Adam Barry, Dana Krieger and Kurt Dammermann of ASTRO Studios, Inc. Client:

LED 7000 Series

The LUXIA combines an ultra-slim LED TV with state-of-the-art design. The depth of color on the exterior was achieved through the use of an environmentally friendly process. The design emphasizes the advanced technology, the slim profile and the emotional experience. The TV can be wall mounted or placed on a glass stand.

"The Samsung LUXIA is a beautiful, new interpretation of the TV as a slim and elegant frame. An innovative and environmentally friendly injection molding technique allows for more than one color, and the result is a notion of glass with a wonderful play of transparency, color and light. This product will influence the future of entertainment products."

--Stefanie Kubanek, associate partner, Pentagram

Contact: Sang-yeon Lee, IDSA: sangyeon.lee@samsung.com Credit: Junho Yang, Minhyouk Bu and Yunje Kang of Samsung Electronics (South Korea) Client:

BD-P4600(Blu-ray Disc Player)

The BD-P4600 looks like a work of art made of glass. Its color and sense of depth changes according to the environment and the light. Eschewing the typical images used in these types of products, it uses nature as its central graphic motif.

"Beautiful. A Blu-Ray player that I'd love to have out, not tucked away in a cabinet. And there's innovation in the environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Great cross-functional teamwork."

-- Michael Kitz, vice president of brands and product development, OfficeMax

Contact: Sang-yeon Lee, IDSA: sangyeon.lee@samsung.com Credit: Jaehyung Kim, Yunje Kang and Koungwon Park of Samsung Electronics (South Korea) Client:

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple’s In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic offer professional audio performance, impressive sound isolation and convenient buttons, which let you adjust the volume and control music and video playback.

Contact: Amy Olofsen: amyo@apple.com Credit: Apple Industrial Design Team of Apple, Inc. Client:

Argus Bean Children's Digital Camera

The Bean is a rugged, affordable and easy-to-use digital camera for children. It has only the controls and modes necessary for young users, but boasts a 1.5-inch LCD display, 5 megapixel resolution and USB connectivity/recharging. It easily clips on to clothes or a backpack, is water and slip resistant, and is ergonomically designed to fit children’s hands.

Contact: Nicole Baksinskas: nbaksinksas@teamsdesign.com Credit: TEAMS Design Client: Argus Camera Company

Zune HD

Combining a brilliant OLED display and powerful HD processor, Zune HD delivers a responsive and immersive portable entertainment experience for media enthusiasts. HD Radio™ provides crystal-clear audio on more than 2,000 stations. The HD AV dock accessory enables high definition playback on your HDTV. The new Quickplay feature makes access to favorite content one touch away, while Artist View enriches the music experience with artist profiles, pictures and related artists. The built-in Web Browser provides direct download capability for music, video and exciting new games.

"In a category dominated by one major brand, the Zune HD is a real game-changer!  It's a remarkable product that redefines interaction models and creates a new standard for 'great user experience.'  Everything about this product has been well considered and well designed from the packaging to the form factor to the Zune software to the product interface. It's elegant and beautiful.  The first time I picked up the Zune HD, I spent a couple of hours playing with it.  The whole experience was one of surprise and delight. I couldn't believe how good it was."  --Michelle Berryman, IDSA, Echo Visualization, LLC

Contact: Greg Jones: gregjone@microsoft.com

Interactive Credit (gold): Jeff Fong, Mark Gibson, Emily Ching, Eric Braff, Greg Jones, IDSA, Lisa Hanson, Alec Ishihara, Oho Son, IDSA, Anna Tahl and Steve Kaneko, FIDSA of the Zune Design Team and ASTRO Studios

Entertainment Credit (bronze): Greg Jones, IDSA,  Lisa Hanson, Alec Ishihara, Oho Son, IDSA, Jeff Fong, Mark Gibson, Emily Ching, Eric Braff and Steve Kaneko, FIDSA of the Zune Design Team and ASTRO Studios

Tony Hawk: RIDE

Tony Hawk: RIDE is a brand new skateboard-shaped wireless videogame controller inspired by pro skateboarder Tony Hawk. The vision was to create a game that mimics the real life experience of skateboarding as authentically as possible. It can be used with video game consoles such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation. The controller console lets the gamer become an instant skateboard pro by offering a true and enjoyable skateboarding experience.

Contact: Melissa Guthrie: melissa@fuseproject.com and Robert Sheldon: rsheldon@productcouncil.com

ID/Entertainment Credit (silver): Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein and Serge Beaulieu of fuseproject; Product Council and Activision

Packaging & Graphics Credit (bronze): Yves Behar, IDSA, Serge Beaulieu and Sara Butorac of fuseproject for Activision