SoundBridge acts as a wireless bridge between a computer's music library and a stereo. The wireless technology needed a bold, new design to celebrate it, resulting in this advanced and elegant digital media hub, Roku. The radical tube form factor leaves the old box in the dust. The display angle adjusts by rolling the whole unit in its rubber base?it?s not attached. Two end caps conceal all connectors and manage the cords. Roku is easy to use because of its huge display, intuitive interface, compact size and versatile mounting options?it can be placed on a shelf, in a cabinet or on a wall. It has no screws, only quick snaps, is ideal for disassembly and is made of 100% recyclable aluminum and PC/ABS.

Contact:,/b>Dan Harden: dan@whipsawinc.com Credit:Whipsaw Inc. Client:Roku

Nanum Project (Cross Cube MP3 Player)

The Cross Cube is a foldable, compact MP3 Player that was designed for the Nanum Project, a Christmas donation project funded through new product developments. This example of collaboration design for a charity product partnered three entities: non-profit organization (World Vision), oil company (GS Caltex) and a design laboratory within a university (ID+IM) developed a charity item for poor children. Whereas some charity items donate only a portion of their earnings, the MP3 was designed, produced, manufactured and distributed with 100% of its profits donated to charity. Nearly $500,000 in educational scholarships resulted from this project.

Contact: Sangmin Bae: smbae@kaist.ac.kr Credit: ID+IM Design Lab of KAIST (South Korea) Client: GS Caltex Corporation (South Korea) and World Vision Korea, Inc. (South Korea)

Linear PCM Recorder PCM-D50

This linear PCM recorder with built-in 4GB flash memory is suitable for producing high quality sound recordings of musical performances or natural sound. The linear PCM recording technology does not compress the sound at the time of recording, but records high-fidelity, sound that surpasses DAT and music CDs. The device produces realistic recordings that capture the expression, presence and atmosphere of the original sound. With a compact, lightweight body, the PCM-D50 also has movable microphones that allow the user to adjust the sound gathering range to match the sound source, providing the ability to record in a great variety of situations. A set of accessories including a tripod and microphone windscreen supports high-quality recording.

Contact:Miki Matsui: award@dc.sony.co.jp Credit: Sony Corporation Creative Center (Japan) Client: Sony Corporation (Japan)

Instant Video Camera

The Instant Video Camera was conceived for the ever-increasing population that enjoys producing personal videos. Just as the Polaroid Instamatic revolutionized photography by making it possible to develop a photo immediately, this camera would allow the user to edit and view filmed clips on the spot. The film is easily replaceable, and the product would provide instant gratification and ease of use.

Contact: Minsun Kim: minsun38.kim@samsung.com Credit:Samsung Electronics (South Korea) Client:

Bose L1® Model II system with the T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine

The L1 model II and T1 ToneMatch engine represent a radical new approach in live music. The unusual shape of the L1 loudspeaker enables it to radiate sound in a fundamentally different way from conventional speakers, allowing one L1 system per musician to replace traditional PA speakers, stage monitors and backline instrument amplifiers. The L1 system is designed to fold and pack into small, lightweight pieces, making the tasks of transporting, carrying and assembling far easier than with conventional amplification systems. A single digital cable plugs into the T1 engine to allow control of the tone of microphones and instruments.

Contact: www.bose.com Credit: Bose Corporation Client:

Zeppelin iPod Speaker Dock

Zeppelin is an integrated iPod speaker system from Bowers & Wilkins. Striking but simple design, high-quality materials and world-leading technology come together to deliver musical detail beyond expectations. The highly polished stainless steel rear casing contrasts with a soft fabric shell to create a harmonious form that sits beautifully in any living room. The polished stainless steel arm is machined and formed, celebrating the iPod and allowing an intuitive interaction experience. This confident, individual design statement emphasizes the premium quality and brand values of Bowers & Wilkins and complements the design language of the Apple iPod docked to it.

"This is brave design -- high performance sound in a user friendly, blatantly different and very well detailed 'package.' This is functional sculpture that delivers more than its sale price."

Peter Haythornthwaite, IDSA, Principal, Creativelab (New Zealand)

<Contact: Morten Warren: morten@native.com Credit: Native Design Ltd (UK) and Bowers & Wilkins (UK) Client:

Portable Reader System (PRS-505)

PRS-505 is a digital portable reading system with a 6-inch display. While compact and lightweight, the built-in memory lets the user carry around 160 volumes worth of eBook data and acts as a mobile library. Expansion slots for Memory Stick Duo inch media or SD memory cards make the device’s library potential practically limitless. The product features a svelte body design and is available in two colors, silver and dark blue. Restyled controls closely mimic paper page turns and allow for quick, intuitive navigation. A next-generation electronic paper display delivers faster response and a higher contrast ratio for easy reading, even in bright sunshine. Eight levels of gray scale provide crisp and clear text, images and graphics.

"Precise and sophisticated, the Digital Reader Book is a beautiful execution of a revolutionary concept."

Jean Jacques L'Henaff, IDSA, VP of Industrial Design, Audiovox Electronics Corp.

Contact: Miki Matsui: award@dc.sony.co.jp Credit:Sony Corporation Creative Center (Japan) Client:Sony Corporation (Japan)

Flip Video Ultra Series by Pure Digital Technologies

This is the first camcorder to simplify the process of capturing and sharing video. With integrated software, the Ultra enables editing, organizing and seamless uploading to AOL, YouTube and other video sharing sites. Challenged to develop a product that communicates this simplicity in a fun and user friendly manner, the design team focused on the form factor, ergonomics and control layout. The result is a highly-compact camera that can fit in any pocket and provide unmatched portability and intuitive use for capturing, editing and sharing high-quality video.

"The design of the Flip expresses perfectly the simplicity of the product. It is a breeze to use, and it makes capturing and sharing memories so much more natural."

Jean Jacques L'Henaff, IDSA, VP of Industrial Design, Audiovox Electronics Corp.

Contact: Thomas Isaacson: thomas.isaacson@smartdesignworldwide.com Credit:Smart Design and Pure Digital Technologies, Inc. Client:

Canal+ Le Cube

Le Cube is an integrated set-top box, remote and user-interface ecosystem that offers a new way to interact with your television. Le Cube is about more than entertainment; before you even turn on the TV, the backlit black LED area displays the weather, the time or an alarm alerting you to your favorite shows.

Contact: Melissa Guthrie: melissa@fuseproject.com

Credit: Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein, Pichaya Puttorngul and Seth Murray of fuseproject

Belkin Powerline AV+

Powerline AV+ is a three-port network adapter that provides reliable and fast data connectivity to any room through existing electrical wiring. It extends the network to remote areas in the house, achieving speeds of up to 200 Mbps without the unpredictable connections often experienced with wireless signals.

Contact: Mitchell Suckle, IDSA: mitchellls@belkin.com Credit: Yuji Ikeda, IDSA, Thorben Neu, IDSA, Dale Honda, Zachary Rapoport and Jon Plummer of Belkin Client: