RELAYS by Sol Republic was designed to perform like a sports headphone without looking like one. Without sacrificing aesthetics, RELAYS features an ergonomic solutions that fits right out of the box. It features a FreeFlex ring, low-profile design and lightweight structure for seamless use with sports gear, including underneath helmets. 

Designed by Greg McNamara and Sindre Klepp of Sol Republic

Contact: Greg McNamara - gregmcnamara@solrepublic.com


Beats New Studio

The Beats New Studio is an immersive headphone that enables the user to listen to music. The headphone features a balanced precision sound, an adaptive noise canceling element and a 20-hour rechargeable battery. The headband is light, strong and comfortable with increased cup room and thicker, plusher cushions that enable the user to wear the headphones for extended periods of time.

Designed by Robert Brunner, IDSA, Rhys Bonahoom, Gregoire Vandenbussche, IDSA and Nick Cronan of Ammunition for Beats Electronics

Contact: Sara Munday - munday@ammunitiongroup.com


Blackbird Clara Ukulele

The Blackbird Clara Ukelele is a travel-friendly instrument capable of filling a room with music, yet is small and light enough to be transported using just a backpack. Despite its portability, it produces the volume and sonic fullness of a larger instrument. It is made of Ekoa plant fiber, a wood-free eco-composite improvement over the endangered woods typically used. 

Designed by Joseph Luttwak of Blackbird Guitars

Contact: Joseph Luttwak - joe@blackbirdguitar.com


Libratone Loop

The Libratone Loop standing or wall-mounted wireless speaker delivers superior audio performance precisely because of its round shape. Loop replaces the traditional, clunky black box speakers of old with a sleek, modern design that can be incorporated anywhere in the home. It is wrapped in vibrantly colored interchangeable wool and equipped with wireless Airplay/DLNA streaming along with PlayDirect capabilities.

Designed by Carsten Eriksen, Jes Mosgaard and Kristian Kroyer of Libratone A/S

Contact: Hailey Malone - hm@libratone.com


PowerShot N

The PowerShot N digital camera delivers convenience to smartphone users for one-touch photos. To allow diverse shooting styles and flexible angles, it can be held with either hand or both hands, and is horizontally and vertically symmetrical. In Creative Shot mode, one click generates six shots: the original plus five variations with different layout, cropping, color, brightness and blurring options.

Designed by Miyabi Orihashi,  Katsuhito Yoshio, Takeshi Kikkawa, Eriko Okada and Yoshiko Eto of CANON Inc.

Contact: Junji Hirooka - hiroka.junji@canon.co.jp


VholdR Action Camera

VholdR is the first integrated hardware and software platform that makes it easy for action sports enthusiasts to shoot footage and, later, share video online. A proprietary mounting system attaches to a helmet, bike handlebar or ski goggles and the aluminum housing protects the video camera from extreme elements including impact, water, dust and sand. Innovative interaction features, including an image calibration system and single button control, make it easy to operate the camera while wearing it. The materials and finishes give the camera the look and feel of a high-end movie camera.

Contact: Rebekah Ratner-Singh: Rebekah_Ratner-Singh@ziba.com Credit:Ziba Design Client:Twenty20, Inc

Personal Field Speaker PFR-V1

The PFR-V1 is a revolutionary new personal field speaker system that delivers natural sound with no interference. With a style that departs completely from conventional headphones, the speakers are positioned diagonally in front of the ears and lifted away from the face to reduce reverberation. The innovative frame design is lightweight and provides an airy look. In addition to the directly delivered sound, naturally reflecting sound reaches deep into the ear, creating a thrilling sound experience akin to being at a live musical performance.

Contact: Miki Matsui: award@dc.sony.co.jp Credit:Sony Corporation Creative Center (Japan) Client:Sony Corporation (Japan)

Digidesign's 003 Factory

003 Factory is a small, portable digital audio production console for aspiring musicians and producers. It provides the same high audio production quality as professional commercial studios -- at a fraction of the cost and size. The 003 Factory is shipped with Digidesign's industry-standard sound-editing software, ProTools, and can be connected to a variety of musical instruments and other devices for direct recording. FireWire connectivity communicates with Windows or Macintosh systems to transfer data at high speeds. Measuring less than 2 x 2 feet wide, the console's portability allows musicians to record, produce, mix and play their recordings anywhere.

Contact: Gadi Amit, IDSA: info@newdealdesign.com Credit:NewDealDesign LLC Client:Digidesign, a division of AVID Inc.

XBOX 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

The XBOX 360 Wireless Racing Wheel is the first gaming accessory of its kind. The combination of real world automotive design cued with a practical ergonomic solution immerses gamers in an unparalleled and authentic racing experience. Designed to meet the exacting demands of hardcore racing gamers, the Racing Wheel boasts responsive steering, an integrated grip zone and unique heel loop design, along with rumble and force-feedback. The Racing Wheel brings a previously unachieved dimension of reality to the gaming experience.

Contact: Laura McClay: lmcclay@teague.com Credit: Teague and Microsoft Client: Microsoft


Sombrero is a patented cable manager that can be used in an office or a residential setting. Designed to be mounted to the underside of any work surface, this sombrero-shaped spool reins in unruly or excess cable by winding it around its core and firmly anchoring the exiting cable into any of the three V-shaped notches. This unique design feature prevents the cables from accidentally dislodging or unwinding. Sombrero is molded in semi-flexible rubber and accommodates most cord diameters. Sombrero is easily installed using only a screwdriver and can also be mounted vertically onto a wall or the back of an A/V cabinet.