Vive Virtual Reality System

Vive is a ground-breaking, room-scale, virtual reality (VR) system developed by HTC and Valve Corp. The first of its kind, Vive enables users to interact as full-body players in virtual worlds, tracking the user’s movements via a headset and hand controllers. Vive is designed from the ground up for room-scale interaction, allowing you to move in a physical space as you explore a virtual space. Using a front-facing camera and chaperone guidance software, the headset reveals objects in your room as you approach them. Leveraging HTC’s smartphone ecosystem, calls and texts pop up in the virtual world.

Designed by: HTC Corp.

Contact: Susan Burgess


Samsung's SERIF TV spearheads a new concept of television, rooted firmly in the world of the living. From the front, SERIF is defined by a single, seamless frame—one color and one shape. In profile, it forms a clear capital “I” shape; its slim body broadening to form a shelf-like surface at the top. The design means it can stand seamlessly in the home by resting on its own base. Its attachable legs allow it to be placed on the floor or in the center of the room, moved and manipulated to suit the situation.

Designed by: Ronan Bouroullec, Erwan Bouroullec of ERB SARL; and Yun-je Kang, Kang-il Chung and Dong-hee Won of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Contact: Jeesun Kong

OZO Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia’s OZO Virtual Reality (VR) Camera is the first such product designed top-to-bottom for professional creators. Nokia has created a time and space machine that enables people to be where they are not—or cannot be—to share each other’s life experiences. OZO captures realities to be viewed in real time or relived from the past—even allowing users to feel emotion and empathy for others. It can be used in art, science, education, sports, communications—the options are limitless. Content created with OZO is publishable to any distribution platform and can be viewed on any commercially available head-mounted display.

Designed by: Alejandro Sanguinetti, Matthieu Nollet, Otso Koski and Axel Meyer of Nokia Design for Nokia Corp.

Contact: Michelle Shilstone

Gramovox Floating Record Player

Gramovox Floating Record Player is a high-performance, vertical turntable engineered meticulously to play vinyl records and output full-range sound—meeting the resurgence of vinyl records among millennials. The Gramovox design philosophy is to reimagine vintage audio design with modern technology. The Bluetooth Gramophone allowed users to experience any genre of music wirelessly through a gramophone horn. Now, the Floating Record Player is an art and a medium to produce analog sound. 

Designed by: Dan Schaumann, Gramovox and Frank Pistorio of Product Development Technologies for Gramovox

Contact: Gilberto Cavada

Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360 camera allows even non-professionals to capture every angle. Each of the front and rear lenses cover 180 degrees horizontally and vertically, creating a seamless and complete field of view. The Gear 360 takes users beyond consuming virtual reality content to producing it on their own—capturing moments or scenes and reliving them through other VR devices for an increased immersive experience. The compact sphere comes complete with a mini tripod. Gear 360 can be connected to and controlled by a smart device for stress-free, wireless function.

Designed by: Woojung Moon, Minki Ham, Kyunghan Noh and Kenji Yamauchi of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: Woojung Moon

Shure MV51

The design of the Shure MV51 USB/iOS large diaphragm condenser microphone—on its own and as part of a new collection of products—reaches users who turn to laptops and tablets first when they think of audio creation. MV51 and the collection to which it belongs, are available in Apple’s online store and retail locations. In some cases, the product can eliminate hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of gear. It’s built to last, with materials such as die cast zinc housings and machined stainless. Assembly is simple and practical—as is disassembly for serviceability.

Designed by: John Miller of Shure Inc.

Contact: John Miller

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II is an entry-level model in the OM-D series of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Packed into a small and lightweight body that gives it outstanding mobility, this camera features a high-performance sensor and image processing engine inherited from the more advanced models—as well as a new, powerful 5-axis image stabilization function—achieving high quality imaging, resolution and performance.

Designed by: Reisuke Osada and Keiji Okada of Olympus Corp.

Contact: Kazuhiro Satoh

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a first-of-its kind consumer virtual reality (VR) system—delivering high-quality, positionally-tracked VR. The cutting-edge experience is comfortable and easy to use; it consists of a headset, sensor, remote, Microsoft xBox controller and tracked touch controllers. Rift is custom made for VR screens; lenses work together to give people a large field of view and stereoscopic depth. When combined with a sensor that captures and translates your movements into VR, it makes you feel like you are really there!

Designed by: Oculus

Contact: Peter W. Bristol

CION™ 4K/UHD Production Camera by AJA

CION is a lightweight, ergonomic 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD production camera from AJA. It delivers high-quality color rendition at a price that appeals to both professional and prosumer filmmakers. It is intuitive to set up and operate during production. All the interface controls were placed on the side facing the operator to provide easy single-user functionality.

Designed by: Ryan Paul, Wai-Loong Lim, Jonathan Thai, Cesar Viramontes (Y Studios), Jon Thorn (AJA Video Systems)

Contact: y@ystudios.com


The RICOH THETA m15 allows you to shoot spherical images and videos with one press of the shutter, making your memories lively and fun. Its elongated square shape, which is rounded on the upper side, instantly tells users where to hold it. Its 360-degree shooting angle brings viewers into the scene.

Designed by: Tomohiko Sasaki , Tsuruoka Naoto, Kuroda Kyohko, Ryuuichi Shirane, Kawa Toshihiko of Corporate Design Center, Process Innovation Group, Ricoh Company, Ltd.+ TRIAND Inc.

Contact: kazuyuki.saitoh@nts.ricoh.co.jp