The W7 OLED TV offers ultimate picture quality and advanced stereo sound. A thin panel of fewer than 4 millimeters is attached to the wall through a special magnetic mount system, which makes it seem as if you're looking out a real window. The AIO BOX is equipped with Dolby ATMOS sound for advanced stereoscopic surround sound. Eco-friendly aluminum and high-quality luxury audio enrich people’s visual and hearing experience. 

Designed by: Byungmu Huh, Yooseok Kim, Sunha Park, Younsoo Kim and Jongyoun Shin of LG Electronics

Contact: boyeun.park@lge.com | http://www.lge.co.kr/lgekor/main.do

GoPro HERO5 Session

The Hero5 Session is a key part of the GoPro product capture family. As the smallest, most compact camera, it enables users to place the device in tight spaces by attaching it to virtually anything through the existing 30-plus GoPro mounts. This rugged, waterproof product features high-quality, 4K video with advanced video stabilization and 10 MP photography, in addition to audio capture capabilities with single-button or voice-activated control. With the miniscule, 38 x 38 x 36.4 millimeter enclosure size, the camera can be set in tiny spaces to get the shot from fun, never-before-seen perspectives.

Designed by: GoPro Industrial Design Team

Contact: steven@umbach-cg.com | https://gopro.com/

DJ Boom Box (FJ8)

Get this party started! The DJ Boom Box enables even beginners to DJ. It combines a controller and a karaoke function in a portable speaker with lighting effects to create a party atmosphere. A built-in battery and a luxurious strap make the DJ Boom Box portable. 

Designed by: Kyunmin Kim, Junki Kim and KangHo Woo of LG Electronics

Contact: boyeun.park@lge.com | http://www.lge.co.kr/lgekor/main.do

Blackmagic Micro Camera

The Blackmagic Micro Camera is the world’s first cinematic-quality removable-lens action camera. Impossibly small and incredibly lightweight, it captures immersive Ultra HD footage from previously unattainable viewpoints. Designed specifically for remote use on drones, documentaries and live sports, Micro offers new creative opportunities to filmmakers and broadcasters. The Micro Camera’s unique form is informed by the environmental, functional and ergonomic challenges of remote filmmaking. Front-facing keys allow unimpeded control in awkward spaces, while an interchangeable lens mount offers levels of creative flexibility and image quality not found in existing fixed-lens action cams.

Designed by: Blackmagic Design

Contact: simonkidd@blackmagicdesign.com | www.blackmagicdesign.com

Mr. Pip's Double Cross

Mr. Pip's Double Cross is a twist on the most popular dice game in the world, Liar’s Dice. The design provides a holistic form that embodies the function of the game, presenting it as an elegant object that doubles as décor. Mr. Pip’s Double Cross invites players of all ages to come together and play. When not in use, the game assembles into a beautiful and curious object, sparking conversations. Multiple game units stack securely, enhancing the game’s decorative display and allowing more players to join the fun.

Designed by: Pip Tompkin Design for Mr. Pip

Contact: pip@piptompkin.com | http://www.doublecrossgame.com/

Blackmagic DaVinci Mini Panel

The DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel is a cinematic-quality control panel. An essential tool in the workflow of Hollywood productions such as The Martian, the Jason Bourne film series and HBO’s Westworld, it is designed specifically for feature films, television and music videos. A tenth of the cost of similar units, the DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel is the last word in the democratization of high-end color control, offering independent users unprecedented access to professional editing, color correction and finishing.

Designed by: Blackmagic Design

Contact: simonkidd@blackmagicdesign.com | www.blackmagicdesign.com


The Q9 QLED TV offers top picture quality in a frame design that blends into the living space. Realizing a true frame design meant redesigning the conventional TV structure and reducing the thickness of every part to a 25-millimeter-thick level frame. A no-gap wall mount bracket and transparent 2-millimeter-thick connection cable reduces viewing distractions and enables external devices to be hidden. An array of replaceable stands have been designed, allowing the user to choose the right one based on taste and the surrounding environment. A material featuring real metal charcoal anodizing technology embodies the value of the flagship.

Designed by: Jigwang Kim, Jaeneung Lee and Jangho Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: js.kong@samsung.com | www.samsung.com

Poputar P1

Poputar was designed for music beginners to learn basic guitar skills in an extremely fun way. With 120 LEDs built inside the guitar neck, users can visually locate the chord position and never worry about forgetting where to put their fingers on the board. Along with an app, Poputar can provide a music rhythm game with real-time sound recognition, making music learning visually receptive.

Designed by: JunDa Ye, QiRan Song, Yan Huang, FeiFei Li and YuJie Hao of Shenzhen Culture Technology Co., Ltd

Contact: 394180493@qq.com | www.poputar.com


MaxStone is a smart accessory for fans of photography and travel. It’s compatible with multiple camera brands and capable of triggering your DSLR camera for time-lapse, bulb, and micro-video. It’s also a Bluetooth 4.0 device locator and remote smartphone shutter trigger all in one. It does not quite turn lead into gold, but it will turn a smartphone into a sophisticated remote control for your DSLR camera, combining the ease of use of a smartphone with the high quality photographic results of a DSLR camera.

Designed by: Zhang Xiao of MaxMax Inc.

Contact: Zhang Xiao

VINCI Smart Hearable

VINCI is an all-in-one wireless music player tailored to learn, understand and grow with the user, who can voice anything ranging from a song title to an artist’s name to the user’s mood or feelings. VINCI will know the perfect song to play based on the user’s heartbeat, emotions, previous preferences and location. Integrated with advanced artificial intelligence—VINCI is a futuristic, trendy and intelligent assistant that keeps the user connected to the music.

Designed by: VINCI Design Team and Karen Hu of United Design Lab for Inspero Inc.

Contact: Cathy Cao