Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Wireless

Powered by long-lasting rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones are the first completely wireless design to join the Beats by Dr. Dre line. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, they offer an impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing users to move without cords. These over-the-ear headphones are intended for people who don’t want to be tied to their device or burdened with a cable.

The challenge for the Beats Wireless was to design a simple Bluetooth headphone in a compact form that would maintain the equity of the brand in terms of audio performance and iconic design and meet the stringent audio requirements of the Beats sound profile.

The Beats Wireless headphones provide a great range of freedom to move away from the music source and still keep control of what’s playing. With controls on the side of the ear cup and protruding tactical feedback, the buttons are easy to locate and intuitive to use. The headband structure, battery life and generous ear cushions allow continuous comfort for hours of listening at home or on the go. Using a similar aesthetic to the flagship Beats Studio headphones and comparable in size to the previously released Beats Solo, the wireless headphones feature a glossy exterior, rubber and matte interior, pivoting ear cups and soft ear pads.

Interacting with the headphones couldn’t be easier. A small light on the left ear cup glows red when the rechargeable battery is refueling, while a light on the opposite ear cup flashes red, white or blue to indicate the Bluetooth pairing and power status. Managing volume, skipping tracks and answering phone calls is handled directly from the right ear cup. A combined power, accept/call, end/call button is located at the top, track back is on the left side, track forward is on the right side, and volume down/up buttons are below the rest. The play/pause button is hidden behind the iconic “b” logo. A mic hole is hidden in the bottom of the right ear cup, similar to the location of the micro-USB port that is used for recharging the headphones.

Credit: Ammunition, Robert Brunner and Gregoire Vandenbussche
Corporate Sponsor: Beats by Dr. Dre
Contact: Vivian Wu: wu@ammunitiongroup.com


Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

Barnes & Noble, the largest bookstore chain in the US, is at a crucial point in its transformation from a brick-and-mortar retailer to a global digital service provider. While the company has made quick work of capturing almost 30 percent of the e-book market, the rise of digital reading has increased the pressure on Barnes & Noble to devise a long-term strategy to compete with Amazon. The challenge for the Nook Simple Touch was to create a lower-cost full-function e-reader and to do so on a timeline that would allow it to move to market quickly. The goal was to evolve and engage new and existing customers by creating a product experience that expresses an intimacy and understanding of their needs, something that Barnes & Noble has always done with its in-store experience.

The Nook Simple Touch is a digital reading device from Barnes & Noble that uses e-ink technology, a touch interface and wireless connectivity to create a immersive and personal reading experience. Designed to emulate the simplicity of a paperback book, the device is capable of purchasing, downloading and storing digital books and other published reading material in a simple, flexible format.

Coming just seven months after the launch of the Nook Color, the Nook Simple Touch was inspired by the idea of a digital paperback. Although intended to be a full-featured reader, it was simplified and made smaller, lighter and more portable, all at an affordable price. The device has a 6-inch screen surrounded by a black bezel with just one obvious button, putting the actual reading experience front and center. It weighs all of 7.48 ounces and is small enough to fit in a jacket, pocket or purse while holding up to 1,000 digital books plus personal content using the expandable memory slot.

The screen uses the latest e-ink technology to display crisp, clear text that allows users to read anywhere, even in bright sunlight. There’s no traditional touch screen. Instead, optical infrared sensors from the Swedish company Neonode surround the display and locate the position of the user’s finger on the screen. Page turns are lightning fast using the touch screen or the well-placed side buttons.

The design team went through many revisions to find the most comfortable grip with a gradual scallop making its way into the final design. Rounded edges were also very important so that the device would not dig into the palm. A soft-touch polyurethane material coats the entire device, giving the plastic a softer, warmer feel and a secure grip. Such tactile perception is important when replicating the experience of holding a paperback book.

Credit: Ammunition, Robert Brunner and Timothy Tan
Corporate Sponsor: Barnes & Noble
Contact: Vivian Wu: wu@ammunitiongroup.com


Blackmagic Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is a cinema-quality digital video camera designed for the professional production of feature films, documentaries, episodic television and commercials. Costing less than $3,000, it provides Hollywood quality filmmaking capabilities at a fraction of the cost of existing cinema cameras, which cost upward of $15,000. A truly democratizing product, it has had significant cultural implications on the global video industry, putting high-end filmmaking technology within the reach of the mass market.

The revolutionary compact design introduces a completely new form factor to the video industry. One-third of the size and weight of existing cameras, it has allowed cinematographers to explore whole new levels of creativity. With a wide dynamic range of 13 stops, it produces feature-film-quality video and records uncompressed RAW file format at 2.5k resolution, providing maximum flexibility of image manipulation and creativity in the post-production process.

Blackmagic Design’s first-ever camera has opened up a new market segment by creating a camera that offers video quality comparable to those used on Hollywood productions—at the price point of lower video quality DSLR cameras. This has proven to be a truly disruptive combination within the industry. It has also given Blackmagic significant exposure to a new market and closed a workflow cycle with Blackmagic’s existing post-production software and hardware.

A new form factor in the cinema camera industry, the minimalist design communicates with two separate user groups. For new users, it is approachable and logical, and yet is strong and functional enough for advanced filmmakers. The simple geometry is a deliberate response to user behavior, where cinematographers demand flexibility to bolt on additional accessories and rigs. It has the option to be as simple or customized as users require.

Confusing and intimidating controls on existing cinema cameras and DSLRs have been reduced to a minimum. Most camera functions are accessible through a graphical user interface by way of a large touch screen. Inexperienced users can literally turn the camera on and immediately start shooting, while the camera includes all the advanced functionality experienced users demand.


Designed by: Blackmagic Industrial Design Team
Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design
Contact: Simon Kidd - simonkidd@blackmagicdesign.com



The RØDE iXY is a broadcast-quality stereo microphone for use with Apple devices including the iPhone, iPod and iPad. It enables the user to record, edit and annotate a recording, then share data files, all with one device. Its compact metal housing provides durability and shielding for the electronics.

Designed by Peter Cooper, Sam Trewartha, Danial Stocks, Ethan Ong and Joshua Mun of RØDEWORKS

Contact: Peter Cooper - peter.cooper@rodemic.com


OptiTrack Prime 41

The OptiTrack Prime 41 is an affordable, versatile and high-resolution motion capture camera for use in motion pictures, gaming development and military applications. The engineering and design enables the camera to capture human movement, pixel by pixel, at a third of the price of competitors. It also features a band-pass filter that enables operation in full sunlight.

Designed by James Lua, Ryan Eder and Paul Kolada of Priority Designs; Jim Richardson and Marc Alley of Natural Point

Contact: Greta Bowman - gbowman@prioritydesigns.com


85 inch Ultra High Definition TV S9_UN85S9

The 85 inch Ultra High Definition TV S9_UN85S9 features home-theater-system sound quality, enhanced usability (floor and wall type), optimal viewing angles, and motion and voice recognition for a smart interactive experience. Its design is minimal, with a single port for mechanical elements and connection lines.

Designed by Eui-seok Kim, Su-an Choi and Sung-hoon Kang of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Contact: Jee-sun Kong - js.kong@samsung.com


Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones

The Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones offer a compact and foldable design combined with pristine audio performance for everyday use. Slipping easily into a jacket pocket, the headphones are highly portable with or without the hard-shell carry case. The headphones are compatible with all audio formats, providing the ultimate concert for one.

Designed by Morten Warren, Marcus Hoggarth, Matt Leck, Liam O'Brien and Doris Bölck of Native Design Ltd. and Stuart Nevill, Doug Standen and Simon Brenchley of Bowers & Wilkins

Contact: Morten Warren - yoanna@native.com


Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Executive

The Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Executive is a new line of premium headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre. With a subtle yet high-end design, the Executive was created specifically to attract a slightly more mature demographic into the Beats audio experience. Featuring a soft-brushed aluminum finish, leather headband and ear covers, the headphones are comfortable to wear and touch.

Designed by Robert Brunner and Grégoire Vandenbussche of Ammunition for Beats Electronics LLC

Contact: Vivian Wu - wu@ammunitiongroup.com


Ultimate Ears Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Ultimate Ears Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker The Social Music Player is a durable, water-resistant speaker. The plus/minus interface is refreshingly simple and makes it easy to enjoy a social music experience. The attention to detail extends to the charging solution: a flat cable that avoids twists and easily rolls up for tangle-free storage.

Designed by Branko Lukic, IDSA and Steve Takayama, A/IDSA of NONOBJECT for Ultimate Ears/Logitech

Contact: Suncica Lukic - suncica@nonobject.com


Sonos SUB

The Sonos SUB is a wireless subwoofer for the modern music lover. It is seamlessly added to a Sonos wireless hi-fi system to provide a richer, deeper, more immersive and more moving experience. The Sonos SUB will fill an entire room with layer upon layer of bottomless sound to ensure that you hear and feel every chord, kick, splash and roll.

Designed by Mieko Kusano and Rob Lambourne of Sonos Inc. and Wai-Loong Lim of Y Studios LLC for Sonos Inc.

Contact: Eric Nielsen - eric.nielsen@sonos.com