Looxcie Wearable Hands Free Camcorder

Looxcie is a social video-sharing device that continually records in real-time and captures what you see and hear when you see and hear it. Designed for today’s over-sharer, the Looxcie is compatible with both the iPhone and Android. Worn like a Bluetooth headset, it allows you to instantly upload your video to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Credits: Kyle Swen, IDSA, Bill Webb, and Chris Harsacky of Astro Studios; Greg Cerny and Philippe Lavanchy of Cerny Prodcut Development; and Gordon Simmons and Bob Kron of LOOXCIE

Contact: Brett Lovelady: info@astrostudios.com

Canal+ +LeCube

The Canal+ +LeCube is a cable set-top box for enhanced media viewing. It is meant to be on display at all times. This box can fit seamlessly into any environment and is an object of style and design, not something to be hidden in a cabinet or kept out of sight.

Credits: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Josh Morenstein, Pichaya Puttorngul of fuseproject for Canal + (France

Contact: Melissa Guthrie: melissa@fuseproject.com

GXR (Digital Camera)

The GXR is a compact digital camera with interchangeable units. The lens, image sensor and image processing engine are all integrated within one unit that attaches to the body, so when changing out the lens you no longer have to worry about dust invading the image sensor. The GXR system enables users to select the best unit combination for each photographic moment.

Credits: Masahiro Kurita, Tatsuo Okuda and Mayu Takano of RICOH Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Contact: Mootoo Akiyama: motoo.akiyama@nts.ricoh.co.jp

Memorex PartyCube Sound System for Apple iPod and iPhone

The Memorex PartyCube is a portable speaker system for the iPod and iPhone that is durable enough for use at parties and play dates. It features a cubical form for stability, wraparound speakers for 360-degree sound and an intuitive interface that makes it accessible to children as well as their parents.

Credits: Ziba Design and Memorex

Contact: Julia Carpenter: julia_carpenter@ziba.com


RADIOBALL is a simple-to-use radio that invites users to discover stations and artists as they roll through the FM dial, something lost in modern digital interactions. When an interesting station is found, users can tag the location by inserting a marker into the corresponding location and annotating it with a dry erase marker.

Credits: Benoit Collette, Adam Kumpf and Tad Toulis, IDSA of TEAGUE

Contact: Sarah Matheny: smatheny@teague.com

Conserve Smart AV

The Conserve Smart AV is an energy-saving surge protector for audio and video equipment. It lets you control power to your whole entertainment system with your TV remote’s power button. When you turn your TV off, power to the rest of the AV system goes off too. This eliminates the power draw that usually occurs in standby mode.

Credits: Abraham Camacho, David Choi, Kazu Otani, Reiko Morrison, Ernesto Quinteros, IDSA, Chad DeJong, Avery Holleman, Kenneth Mori, IDSA and Oliver Duncan Seil, IDSA of Belkin 

Contact: Mitchell Suckle: mitchells@belkin.com


HMX-Q10 is a camcorder that allows the user to turn the screen display upside down by simply pressing a button. This leaves one hand free to carry out different tasks. The simplified user interface leaves all the functions of conventional camcorders intact while making them easier to use, such as embedding in the LCD display all the infrequently used functions.

Credits: JooHyung Lee of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (South Korea)

Contact: MinJeong Kim: mj1003.kim@samsung.com

VANGUARD® Auctus Plus 323CT Camera Tripod and VANGUARD® GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball Head for cameras

Combined, the VANGUARD® Auctus Plus 323CT Camera Tripod and VANGUARD® GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball Head for camera  was designed for professional photographers who shoot both in the studio and outside. The Auctus Plus lightweight carbon-fiber legs provide stability and flexibility and can adjust to 25-, 50- and 80-degree angles, enabling precise positioning and fine-tuning for uneven ground and low-angle photography. The Pistol Grip Ball Head rotates 360 degrees, allowing users to unlock, reposition and lock gear in place with ease while leaving one hand free to make lens adjustments.

Credits: Charles Hsu and Daniel Kao of VANGUARD

Contact: Jody Lamb: jlamb@vanguardusa.com

Sifteo Cubes

An ingenious new way for people of all ages to learn and play, the Sifteo Cubes are bite-sized computers that are smart, connected and aware. The wireless 1.5-inch blocks interact with each other, responding to motion, proximity, tilt and other user behaviors. Pile them, group them, sort them—the variations are unlimited.

Credits: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Barbara Stettler and Mike Massucco of NewDealDesign LLC

Contact: Gadi Amit: info@newdealdesign.com

Jawbone JAMBOX

The JAMBOX is a Bluetooth wireless audio speaker and duplex speakerphone that employs the latest noise-canceling technology. In addition to delivering full-spectrum audio, JAMBOX quickly and easily connects with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods or any other Bluetooth device, allowing consumers to seamlessly stream and share music, movies, games and calls anywhere all wirelessly, all in the palm of their hand.

"Well made, clever, solves some problems, and is delightful to use. Full of character. Oh, and it sounds great." – Rhys Newman, IDSA, Head of Advanced Projects at Nokia, Nokia Insight and Innovation

Credits: Yves Béhar, IDSA and Gabe Lamb of fuseproject for Jawbone

Contact: Melissa Guthrie: melissa@fuseproject.com