Zeppelin iPod Speaker Dock


Zeppelin is an integrated iPod speaker system from Bowers & Wilkins. Striking but simple design, high-quality materials and world-leading technology come together to deliver musical detail beyond expectations. The highly polished stainless steel rear casing contrasts with a soft fabric shell to create a harmonious form that sits beautifully in any living room. The polished stainless steel arm is machined and formed, celebrating the iPod and allowing an intuitive interaction experience. This confident, individual design statement emphasizes the premium quality and brand values of Bowers & Wilkins and complements the design language of the Apple iPod docked to it.

"This is brave design -- high performance sound in a user friendly, blatantly different and very well detailed 'package.' This is functional sculpture that delivers more than its sale price."

Peter Haythornthwaite, IDSA, Principal, Creativelab (New Zealand)

<Contact: Morten Warren: morten@native.com Credit: Native Design Ltd (UK) and Bowers & Wilkins (UK) Client: