TDK Life on Record 2011 Audio Line


The TDK Life on Record 2011 Audio Line combines the TDK Sound Cube, TDK Two Speaker Boombox, TDK Three Speaker Boombox and TDKs USB Belt Drive Turntable to create a rich and highly visual connection between the listener and their music. This new line of premium audio equipment from TDK Life on Record blends the warmth of analog with the precision and convenience of digital technology bring music to life. Generous controls and fine tuning features enable listeners to customize their listening experience through iPhone, iPod, hard drives, turntables and electric guitars. Each product embodies hi-fidelity sound and combines clean, striking designs with precision performance to enhance the listening experience.

"The TDK Life on Record audio products mix an old-school design aesthetic with a pure and simple approach to audio products, while blending a fresh interface all together. The sound is also as solid as the high quality construction." – Lance Hussey, IDSA, Vice President and Creative Director

Credits: Ziba Design and TDK Life on Record

Contact: Julia Carpenter: