Sling Touch Control 100


The Sling Touch Control 100 is a next-generation control device for home entertainment centers. Using innovative touch-surface it combines three key functionalities: visual TV program guide and DVR controls, universal IR remote and using WiFi, navigating local or web video archives.  Through a large color LCD screen, the Touch Control 100 makes it easy for customers to discover and manage their live programming and DVR content from anywhere in the home over a wireless network. Consumers can also easily manage recorded and scheduled DVR content as well as set new recordings with full options--all without even turning on the TV.  In addition to browsing channels quickly, consumers can enter search terms and sort, filter, and view program information.


Credit: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Inbal Etgar and Chad Harber of NewDealDesign LLC, and Dallas Grove, Nino Marino and Andrew Einaudi of Sling Media Inc. for Sling Media Inc.