Shinola Runwell Turntable


The Runwell Turntable is Shinola’s first product in the audio category. Shinola collaborated with Astro and VPI to create a luxury turntable, made in the US, fit for the current vinyl renaissance. The Runwell Turntable is made with aluminum and stainless steel (MDI, New Jersey), American rubber (Pyramid Rubber, Ohio), an American motor (Hurst), American white oak (WDI, Forest Lake), modular electronics (American Board) and a Shinola-crafted leather slip mat. This statement furniture piece has a warm feel with a blend of the sonic and the aesthetic.

Designed by: Brett Lovelady, IDSA, Kyle Swen, IDSA, David Whetstone, Brett Newman and Will Meeker of Astro Studios for Shinola

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