Portable Reader System (PRS-505)


PRS-505 is a digital portable reading system with a 6-inch display. While compact and lightweight, the built-in memory lets the user carry around 160 volumes worth of eBook data and acts as a mobile library. Expansion slots for Memory Stick Duo inch media or SD memory cards make the device’s library potential practically limitless. The product features a svelte body design and is available in two colors, silver and dark blue. Restyled controls closely mimic paper page turns and allow for quick, intuitive navigation. A next-generation electronic paper display delivers faster response and a higher contrast ratio for easy reading, even in bright sunshine. Eight levels of gray scale provide crisp and clear text, images and graphics.

"Precise and sophisticated, the Digital Reader Book is a beautiful execution of a revolutionary concept."

Jean Jacques L'Henaff, IDSA, VP of Industrial Design, Audiovox Electronics Corp.

Contact: Miki Matsui: award@dc.sony.co.jp Credit:Sony Corporation Creative Center (Japan) Client:Sony Corporation (Japan)