LED 7000 Series


The LUXIA combines an ultra-slim LED TV with state-of-the-art design. The depth of color on the exterior was achieved through the use of an environmentally friendly process. The design emphasizes the advanced technology, the slim profile and the emotional experience. The TV can be wall mounted or placed on a glass stand.

"The Samsung LUXIA is a beautiful, new interpretation of the TV as a slim and elegant frame. An innovative and environmentally friendly injection molding technique allows for more than one color, and the result is a notion of glass with a wonderful play of transparency, color and light. This product will influence the future of entertainment products."

--Stefanie Kubanek, associate partner, Pentagram

Contact: Sang-yeon Lee, IDSA: sangyeon.lee@samsung.com Credit: Junho Yang, Minhyouk Bu and Yunje Kang of Samsung Electronics (South Korea) Client: