Flip Video Ultra Series by Pure Digital Technologies


This is the first camcorder to simplify the process of capturing and sharing video. With integrated software, the Ultra enables editing, organizing and seamless uploading to AOL, YouTube and other video sharing sites. Challenged to develop a product that communicates this simplicity in a fun and user friendly manner, the design team focused on the form factor, ergonomics and control layout. The result is a highly-compact camera that can fit in any pocket and provide unmatched portability and intuitive use for capturing, editing and sharing high-quality video.

"The design of the Flip expresses perfectly the simplicity of the product. It is a breeze to use, and it makes capturing and sharing memories so much more natural."

Jean Jacques L'Henaff, IDSA, VP of Industrial Design, Audiovox Electronics Corp.

Contact: Thomas Isaacson: thomas.isaacson@smartdesignworldwide.com Credit:Smart Design and Pure Digital Technologies, Inc. Client: