Blackmagic Cinema Camera


The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is a cinema-quality digital video camera designed for the professional production of feature films, documentaries, episodic television and commercials. Costing less than $3,000, it provides Hollywood quality filmmaking capabilities at a fraction of the cost of existing cinema cameras, which cost upward of $15,000. A truly democratizing product, it has had significant cultural implications on the global video industry, putting high-end filmmaking technology within the reach of the mass market.

The revolutionary compact design introduces a completely new form factor to the video industry. One-third of the size and weight of existing cameras, it has allowed cinematographers to explore whole new levels of creativity. With a wide dynamic range of 13 stops, it produces feature-film-quality video and records uncompressed RAW file format at 2.5k resolution, providing maximum flexibility of image manipulation and creativity in the post-production process.

Blackmagic Design’s first-ever camera has opened up a new market segment by creating a camera that offers video quality comparable to those used on Hollywood productions—at the price point of lower video quality DSLR cameras. This has proven to be a truly disruptive combination within the industry. It has also given Blackmagic significant exposure to a new market and closed a workflow cycle with Blackmagic’s existing post-production software and hardware.

A new form factor in the cinema camera industry, the minimalist design communicates with two separate user groups. For new users, it is approachable and logical, and yet is strong and functional enough for advanced filmmakers. The simple geometry is a deliberate response to user behavior, where cinematographers demand flexibility to bolt on additional accessories and rigs. It has the option to be as simple or customized as users require.

Confusing and intimidating controls on existing cinema cameras and DSLRs have been reduced to a minimum. Most camera functions are accessible through a graphical user interface by way of a large touch screen. Inexperienced users can literally turn the camera on and immediately start shooting, while the camera includes all the advanced functionality experienced users demand.


Designed by: Blackmagic Industrial Design Team
Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design
Contact: Simon Kidd -