Beats by Dr. Dre Solo


Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones are high quality, lightweight, on-ear headphones for personal listening. They are intended for daily use at home, work or in transit. The intended user crosses all demographics, but the Beats by Dr. Dre brand is specifically positioned at a younger audience who are interested in hip hop and rock music. The headphones are specifically tuned for music in these genres.

“Beats by Dr. Dre Solo brings pro audio to the everyday consumer, executing on all fronts of personal accessory design with quality sound, enhanced portability, comfort, and style.  These will make any consumer feel like they are in the recording studio, listening to the music the way the artists intended.”  --Ed Mangum, University of Cincinnati

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Credit: Robert Brunner and Gregoire Vandenbussche of Ammunition LLC; Chris Fruhauf; David Leung and Dr. Dre for Beats Electronics LLC and Monster Cable